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Save the date for 150th Anniversary

Background: VHS Apache Alumni wish to retain the spirit of the VHS Apache tradition into the future, and are sponsoring scholarship(s) for descendants of VHS Apaches who plan to further their education beyond high school.
Vision: Any descendant of a VHS graduate is eligible for the scholarship regardless of the high school from which they graduate or the institution of higher learning into which they plan to enroll. Applicants must be in their Senior Year of high school.
Application: This scholarship application is intended to be a straight-forward process that captures basic information and goals of each applicant. Finalists will be asked to provide more detailed information.
Scholarship Awards: The Scholarship Committee, comprised of VHS Apache Alumni, will meet to review applications of those applying for the available annual scholarship(s). The applications will be judged primarily on high school academic achievement, campus participation, and need.
Application Submittals: Please submit the application by June 30, 2018 to:
VHS Alumni Scholarship - Bruce Christensen
388 Seawind Drive
Vallejo, CA 94590
Apache Alumni Scholarship Application
(Please print all information)
Apache Alumni Sponsor (Relative)
Name ________________, __________ VHS Class of _____ to Applicant_______________
Last First (grandparent, etc.)
Information below to be filled out by the Applicant
Name: _____________________ , _______________ Phone:___________________
Last First
Address:___________________City/ST/Zip____________________ Email:______________
High School:_______________________ City/ST__________________ Grad Year: 20____
School Activities____________________________________________ Current GPA______
I Plan to attend:_________________________________ City/ST:______________________
Proposed College Major________________________ Career Goal:____________________
Applicant’s Signature: _________________________ Date: ___________