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About the Academy

Mission and Vision:

Hospitality Academy students graduate with the basic skills needed to be successful in college, careers, and real life. Hospitality Academy graduates are competent and confident in their abilities to build business relationships, participate in meaningful careers, and make sound financial decisions.

Hospitality Academy’s mission is to engage the local hospitality and business industries and the community at large in order to create engaging and relevant learning experiences, and to foster a sense of belonging for all students.

Community Service:

Hospitality Academy students are required to complete community service hours each semester in order to gain real-life experience and give back to their community. Students should use the following guide when completing hours:

  • 9th - 5 hours/semester
  • 10th - 15 hours/semester
  • 11th - 20 hours/semester
  • 12th - 20 hours/semester

Virtual Enterprise:

Hospitality's capstone course is a Virtual Enterprise class in which students work together to run a business simulation. Students in the class will learn and implement the foundations of entrepreneurship and business, and will compete with stents from across the nation in competitions including business plan, booth design, HR scenarios, salesmanship, interview skills, and more. Students in the seniors class will be expected to attend trade shows throughout the year, including overnight trips to major competitions.

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9th Grade

  • (no course)

10th Grade:

  • Semester 1 - Principles of H&T
  • Semester 2 - Principles of Finance

11th Grade:

  • Semester 1 - Event Planning
  • Semester 2 - Entrepreneurship

12th Grade:

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