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Community College 101


This is the website you use to apply to ALL 113 community colleges in California! You will use this link when you are creating a profile, especially if you are going to do concurrent enrollment.


Make sure you write your username and password somewhere you can find it. You WILL need this for any community college applications you choose to do!!!! It is hard to get your information if you do not know your username or the answers to any of your security questions!!

Steps to Enroll for Late Start Classes at Solano

How to

How to 2

How to Find your Community College ID #

**You will receive 2 emails in your registration process. You will first get this one:
INCORRECT Solano ID email


Your Second email will look like this, and it IS the CORRECT ONE!

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Solano Community College Summer Bridge

Solano Community College is hosting a summer bridge enrichment program.  More information will be posted in May 2019.

Concurrent enrollment forms

If you are planning on taking a community college course while in school at VHS, you need to complete a concurrent enrollment, special admissions form for high school students. 


NVC High School Permit to Attend.pdf


Solano Special Admission CriteriaCourse Restrictions Form 5/10/16


**Remember: You need to have the concurrent enrollment form signed by your parent before you bring it to your counselor and VP. And you need to bring it to the Admissions office at the community college, in person!