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Principal's Message

Welcome back!

I would like to take a moment to briefly introduce myself and welcome you to what will surely be an exciting school year. I have been tremendously impressed with the warm welcome and support I have received thus far as your new principal.

As a way of introduction, I was born and raised in San Leandro and attended college in Chicago for my undergraduate degree. I am currently completing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California. My research focuses on direct instruction and student engagement at all levels within schools. I bring a passion for academic language development and a proven record of accomplishment that highlights student success in large comprehensive high schools of 2,000 or more students. I value building trust through clear communications and expectations, empowering teacher leaders, having a commonly shared vision and plan and data to drive decisions.

I have worked as a high school administrator for the last twelve years and have worked as a Principal of a small high school for the last eight years. I started my educational career coaching baseball and teaching at the high school level. I bring a robust educational background of three Masters Degrees and five credentials.

Vallejo High School has a variety of career pathway choices. We use Rigor, Relationships and Relevance as our guiding principles at Vallejo High School. Our small learning communities provide educational experiences within courses that are created to meet the educational needs of students with an interest in themed based pathways. Students have opportunities to receive certifications within our pathway programs that are aligned to college and career.  Vallejo High School students will graduate college and career ready.

Vallejo High School students will participate in work-based-learning. Work-based-learning focuses on career industry pathway curriculum linked to our pathway experiences ranging from internships, job shadowing, guest speakers and mock interviews. Work-based learning experiences create the nexus between high school, college and training for the careers of the future.

I wish you and your students the very best this year.  I hope that each day of our year can be special, but in my mind no other day will match the first day of school and its place in each student’s relationship with teachers and their teaching.



Jarrod Bordi


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