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Principal's Message


Welcome, Students to the 2018-2019 School Year!

We are the Home of the Vallejo High School Red Hawks.  Red Hawks are known to soar high above all others and are able to remain focused on their goals.  They exhibit a high degree of loyalty to their community.


As Vallejo High School Red Hawks, you will be called upon to soar high above your challenges while staying focused on your goals of excellence in your academics.  We will provide you a rigorous, first class, quality education.  We expect, like the Red Hawk, you will remain loyal to our school as your soar to meet even higher heights. 


We designed our Wall-to-Wall academies to ensure you receive a world-class education that will prepare you for the 21st century.  The Wall-to-Wall academies are:  Biotechnology, Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering, Health and Fitness, and Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA).


To support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), VHS has adopted several other support programs:

  •          Willie B. Adkins Project – a college preparatory program that focuses on African American students and strives towards providing high school students with life skills, rites of passage, tutoring/mentoring services, and a strong network of positive and successful peers/individuals.
  •          Ser Latino Project - a college preparatory program that focuses on Latino students and strives towards providing high school students with life skills, rites of passage, tutoring/mentoring services, and a strong network of positive and successful peers/individuals.
  •          AP Club:  a specialized tutoring program and support group for AP students and prospective AP students that meets once per week.
  •          LINKS of Solano County – a professional community group that provides math tutoring to VHS students.  The tutors include former math teachers, former math professors, and engineers.
  •          Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. – a professional community group that provides supplies and resources to support all VHS students
  •          Athletics’ Department Tutoring – Tutoring for all subjects on each Minimum Day Wednesday.
  •          Cal Maritime Tutoring – provided by Cal Maritime students in the area of Algebra I
  •          After School Program – it provides tutoring, mentoring, and athletic programs that targets all struggling students, especially 9th and 11th graders.
  •          The Engineering, Health & Fitness, Biotech, Hospitality, and VAPA Academies offer weekly tutoring for students.
  •          VHS teachers will provide students with tutoring support before and after school, as requested.



Vallejo High School’s day-to-day mission is to ensure a positive school culture is created and safety is maintained for every student and adult.  It is the expectation that there is a high adult visibility at all times.  The site administrators have an active and constant presence on campus and in classrooms.  In addition to our site administrators and teachers, we have eleven site safety supervisors.  Before, during, and after school, VHS adults can be seen actively moving about ensuring that students are getting to and from class in a timely manner.

  •          Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) – a program that helps teachers recognize the significance of classroom management and school discipline to maximize student success.
  •          Restorative Justice (RJ) – Vallejo High uses a Restorative Justice approach when handling students and adult conflicts.  Restorative Justice provides students with opportunities to be a problem solver during times of conflict.
  •          Extended After School Activities
    •    Black Student Union (BSU); Corazon Latino; Filipino Club; Poetry Club
    •    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA); Academic Decathlon
    •    California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
    •    Engineering Club; Robotics Club; Soccer Club, Choral Music Class, Hip Hop Dance and Spoken Word, Drama Club



The use of technology is a key component used to support and accelerate our instructional program.  The components are as follows:

  •          Vallejo High School has wireless Internet access across the campus.  Teachers and students are able to access the Internet to enhance learning and conduct research.
  •          Vallejo High School has a variety of technology resources available including computer labs, mobile laptop, iPad carts, Chromebooks, Apple TVs.
  •          Vallejo High School is also participating in the 1:1 Chromebook implementation throughout all Academies.  The teachers are receiving professional development and coaching to integrate this technology throughout their curriculum.  This is a one-year phase-in project.  By 2019, all high school students in VCUSD will have access to utilization of a Chromebook at home and/or at school.



It is a priority at Vallejo High School to increase the engagement of parents and the community.  Weekly communication is sent through the auto-dialer to keep families updated.  The following are the keys to our success with parents and the community:

  •          Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE):  Our Parent Institute offers an eight week course:
    •    1st LESSON – Understanding the High School System
    •    2nd LESSON – Identifying the Classes That Form Part of the A-G Requirements
    •    3rd LESSON – Recognizing the Importance of the Grade Point Average (GPA)
    •    4th LESSON – Reviewing Other Important Requirements and Programs
    •    5th LESSON – Discussing Higher Education Options
    •    6th LESSON – Identifying the Different Financial Aid Options
    •    Principal’s Dialogue
    •    Parent Graduation
  •          Network meetings that provide information related to student academic achievement; Orientation Days; Back to School Night; Band and Choir Concerts; Academic Achievement Assemblies; Academy Awards Night
  •          Full Service Community Schools Nights
  •          Sporting Events
  •          College and Financial Aid Information Nights
  •          Student Success Teams (SST) support sessions
  •          Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) support sessions
  •          Linking all students to the Parent/Student Portal, which allows immediate access to grades
  •          Bilingual and Parent Liaisons available


Together, we will succeed in helping you accomplish your goals for this school year.  I want to extend thanks and appreciation to all of our stakeholders for what will be a successful school year. 


Go Red Hawks!



Dr. Sheila Quintana

Principal, Vallejo High School

New Vallejo High Mural
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