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Information for Parents

Wondering how you can best support your student in Google classroom. 

Click here to access the  Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

Contacting Students During the Day

 Students are not permitted to use their phones during class. If you have an urgent message for your child, please call the main office at:(707) 556-1700.  Your message will be delivered to the classroom.


Students cannot have food delivered (Example : Uber Eats , Any Pizza Deliver)  to the school for any reason.  Your parents may bring you food, during lunchtime ONLY.  Please do not have food delivered, it will be confiscated, and you will not get it back until after school.

  • Vallejo High School is a CLOSED CAMPUS
  • Please bring all deliveries to the main office
  • We DO NOT hold money for students
  • Balloons and birthday deliveries are not allowed, please wait until after school to give your students Balloons and gifts


Office Information

Welcome to Vallejo High

Our office is open from
7:00 am to 4:00 p.m. every school day.