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Chromebooks at VHS


Q: Who is responsible for my assigned Chromebook?

A: The student assigned the Chromebook is responsible.


Q: Can I do whatever I want on my Chromebook?

A: Kind of.  During school hours, it is to be used as an educational device, meaning that students are expected to use common sense, follow school rules, adhere to classroom expectations, and abide by the VCUSD Student Responsible Use of Technology Agreement.  Outside of school hours, browsing restrictions are lifted and common sense is the expectation.  All student activity is monitored and logged for safety purposes, but provided students are responsible, they have latitude on how to use the device outside of school.


Q: Help!  I have a lost/broke/damaged Chromebook.  What do I do?

A: Go to your academy administrator and inform them of the situation.  They will direct you to the site contact who will help you complete an incident statement and file an insurance claim (if you have insured your device.)


Q: Do I have to keep my Chromebook in the carrying case?

A: Yes.  This case provides an additional layer of protection for accidental breakage.


Q: Do I close the lid, log off, or shut down when I'm done with my Chromebook?

A: Shut down.  This maintains your privacy (provided you have a secure password) and ensures that the device has the most recent, secure operating system available.


Lenovo 100e

View the device used by VHS students:

Lenovo 100e

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