Extra Scholarship Links

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Websites to Check Out

General Scholarships

https:studentaid2.ed.gov/getmoney/scholarship –US Department of Education
www.csac.ca.gov/ -California Student Aid Commission
www.ChristianConnector.com – allows students to search for participating Christian colleges and enter for drawing
www.collegeboard.com –Fastweb
www.fafsa.ed.gov –Free app. For fed student aid
www.fastaid.com – Fast Aid Scholarship Search
www.fastweb.com - Free Scholarship & College Search
www.finaid.org - Financial Aid & Scholarship Information
www.meritaid.com – Financial Aid
www.scholarships.com - Free Scholarship Search & Financial Aid Information
www.schoolsoup.com/?ed=1 – Largest Scholarship Database
www.simpletuition.com/resource - Tuition Aid
www.studentaid.ed.gov - Everything you need to know about Federal Student Aid Programs
www.studentscholarships.org –Provides scholarship information and applications after registering online
www.wiredscholar.com – Scholarship & College Search
www.Archschools.org – Online companion to the print edition Guide to Architecture Schools
www.MyMajors.com- Students complete a simple quiz; site recommends five majors/offers info about the major

African American Students




Asian American Students
http://www.uspaacc.com/web/programs/scholarship programs.htm
Latino Students